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Word Example of - isolate

    Example Sentences for isolate

    You see, I've had to be careful—not to isolate you from life—life as it is.

    Our physics dates from the day when it was known how to isolate such systems.

    Kennedy also obtained alkaloidal reactions, but failed to isolate the body giving these reactions.

    It is not necessary to isolate every consumptive in order to stop the spread of the disease.

    The swinging doors through the butler's pantry are propped open so as not to isolate the cooks and the supper begins.

    But we do not isolate the comic personage as we do the solitary, tragic figure.

    He has to minimise it, to isolate it, to keep it out of mischief.

    God delights to isolate us every day, and hide from us the past and the future.

    He did not isolate himself from youth or love, and the young of two generations were his advocates.

    He tried to disconnect and isolate their words, but they all seemed to run together.

Word Origin & History of - isolate

    Word Origin & History

    isolate 1807, a new formation from isolated (q.v.).

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