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Word Example of - intrude

    Example Sentences for intrude

    What right have you to intrude in what is none of your business?

    The men who passed him glanced away as if they would not intrude on his trouble.

    For some moments the younger man made no attempt to intrude further.

    Maurice, at Madeleine's suggestion, ventured to intrude upon her.

    Once he passed near the hut, but he did not intrude, and she remained within.

    For some time none of his officers were willing to intrude upon his grief.

    She will thank you to-morrow, and I dont want to intrude on you.

    What right had this newcomer to intrude on his hunting-ground?

    The greatest precautions were observed that no unprivileged person should intrude.

    Presume not thus to intrude your observations on his highness the grand vizier!

Word Origin & History of - intrude

    Word Origin & History of - intrude

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