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Word Example of - intervene

    Example Sentences for intervene

    As I attempted to lift the lid of the piano, she stepped forward to help me raise it before the maids of honor could intervene.

    With nothing to intervene, the result might be easily guessed.

    It was not that I had saved my own life—I had managed to intervene between Helen and a fate worse than death.

    But he was very indiscreet, and feminine tact had often to intervene.

    A contest took place between the Suevi and the Cherusci, in which Rome declined to intervene.

    The young girl, pitiless as an enraged tigress, did not intervene to save him.

    Two years must intervene, and in two years not only this project but all the projects in Europe may be disconcerted.

    But such a policy at such a juncture forced England to intervene.

    Nor ought we to be surprised that, before this can be done, a certain degree of suffering must first intervene.

    And it thereupon became necessary for Beauchene to intervene.

Word Origin & History of - intervene

    Word Origin & History

    intervene c.1600, from L. intervenire, from inter "between" + venire "to come" (see venue).

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