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Word Example of - interval

    Example Sentences for interval

    We engage a fiacre, drive around the town, whose growth and improvement in the interval of sixteen years do not fail to strike us.

    Murray and Adair had no intention of spending the interval in idleness.

    About fifty years ago the die disappeared from the Mint, but was returned after an interval of some months.

    Then came an interval for refreshments, and a little chat that was far from lively.

    An interval of nearly half a century elapsed between the death of Lucilius and the appearance of the poem of Lucretius.

    An interval of some days must elapse before this could be done.

    The course of time had flowed through the interval since the winter peacefully and happily in our new home.

    What he was doing in the interval of rather more than a year is not known.

    The interval of secession was perhaps the happiest in his life.

    There was an interval of silence, as that of calm preceding storm.

Word Origin & History of - interval

    Word Origin & History

    interval c.1300, from O.Fr. intervalle (14c.), earlier entreval (13c.), from L.L. intervallum, originally "space between palisades or ramparts," from inter- "between" + vallum "rampart." Metaphoric sense of "gap in time" was present in L.

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