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Word Example of - intersect

    Example Sentences for intersect

    But this proved to be one of the innumerable hollow corridors which intersect the honeycombed slopes of this Isle of Caves.

    Three lines are made to intersect this middle line, as shown in the detail.

    He also notices that most of the azimuths converge towards Casamenella, and intersect within an elongated area.

    The axes will not be parallel, nor will they intersect each other.

    A railroad may even take possession of and intersect a public road for the purpose of carrying on its functions.

    A spiral reached out from the Earth to intersect the Moon's orbit.

    Does one group include, or exclude, or intersect another with which it is compared?

    The streets of Floriana intersect each other at right angles.

    Our trail was one of the numerous cattle paths that intersect the llanos in every direction.

    This may be expressed by saying that they do not intersect, they meet at infinity.

Word Origin & History of - intersect

    Word Origin & History

    intersect 1610s, from L. intersectus, pp. of intersecare "intersect, cut asunder," from inter- "between" + secare "to cut" (see section).

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