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The Synonym of - interrogation (noun)

Word Example of - interrogation

    Example Sentences for interrogation

    With what modifications did the narrator reply to this interrogation?

    The interrogation, she went on to say, perhaps might seem impertinent; but she had a motive.

    The interrogation as it escaped my lips, was half involuntary, and needed no reply.

    Her agreement with him held but a faint note of interrogation.

    Is it needful to state, that the original editions have, as they ought to have, a note of interrogation at "Baker?"

    "Conductor Barton is right," he said, responding to the coroner's interrogation.

    My interrogation was conducted before a couple of mandarins.

    The first part of the interrogation, which promptly ensued, was not strange to him.

    At that time one of the deputy sheriffs was in the interrogation room taking a statement from some witness there.

    The question was evidently too sincere an interrogation to resent.

Word Origin & History of - interrogation

    Word Origin & History

    interrogation late 14c., "a questioning," from O.Fr. interrogation (13c.), from L. interrogationem (nom. interrogatio) "a question, questioning," from interrogatus, pp. of interrogare, from inter- "between" + rogare "ask, to question" (see rogation).

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