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Word Example of - intercept

    Example Sentences for intercept

    The next attempt of the French generals was to intercept a convoy from Ostend.

    "They have signaled the Wilmington to intercept her," exclaimed Clif.

    He moved to the edge of the table as though to intercept her.

    In an instant, therefore, axe in hand, he was off to intercept the new comers.

    All they want to do is to intercept communication with the capital.

    Why didn't they intercept the lane route out at sea, where there is no crowd like this?

    Here he determined to wait and intercept her before she reached the hotel.

    But they were checkmated by the deserters, who ran down the highway to intercept them.

    The W/T station at Anzac will be able to intercept messages from seaplanes, but must not attempt to reply.

    An officer rushed toward him to intercept him, but it was too late.

Word Origin & History of - intercept

    Word Origin & History

    intercept c.1540, from L. interceptus, pp. of intercipere "take or seize between," from inter- "between" + -cipere, comb. form of capere "to take, catch" (see capable).

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