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Word Example of - intellectual

    Example Sentences for intellectual

    Man is to be contemplated as an intellectual, and as a moral being.

    He will find that he thinks about and understands only his own intellectual pursuit.

    The rush for intellectual work is more likely to be too small than too great.

    He was in the cricket eleven, and he was intellectual—very, very much so.

    What was it that produced this barrenness, this intellectual degradation in Constantinople?

    There was an intellectual grandeur in her look and mien that was impressive.

    Therefore Kitty felt that it was vain to apply to her for intellectual sympathy.

    The aliens have an intellectual response that is in full truth alien to us.

    No lofty conceptions, no intellectual system, directed the foundation of these new settlements.'

    The book also entails conventions of intellectual ownership.

Word Origin & History of - intellectual

    Word Origin & History

    intellectual late 14c., from L. intellectualis, from intellectus "discernment, understanding," from pp. stem of intelligere "to understand, discern" (see intelligence). As a noun, attested from 1590s, "mind, intellect;" sense of "an intellectual person" is from 1650s. Intellectual property attested from 1845.

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