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Word Example of - insinuating

    Example Sentences for insinuating

    Excuse me for insinuating by this expression, that there may yet be amongst you some novices.

    Do you know what you are insinuating, here, in my own house?

    Soft as his "Eh" was in utterance, it was insinuating, pursuing; it had to be answered.

    He did not like the stranger's manner, for there was something crafty and insinuating about it.

    They are invariably men of the most polished and insinuating address.

    Do please,”—in a most insinuating tone of voice—“it will do you no end of good.

    Fearing another trick, I did not at once open, the more so there was something stealthy and insinuating in the knock.

    His manner towards the sex was remarkable for its insinuating character.

    There was an insinuating sneer in the tone in which Mrs. Garth uttered her last words.

    I can turn a deaf ear to enticements the most alluring, and sounds the most insinuating.

Word Origin & History of - insinuating

    Word Origin & History of - insinuating

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