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Word Example of - indubitably

    Example Sentences for indubitably

    Ellen turned so indubitably curious a look upon her at this that Miss Sophia half laughed and went on.

    The time had been discreetly chosen—the coast was indubitably clear.

    The defence, which would be inadequate if it was true, is indubitably incorrect.

    Coupled with his swinging corn tax, it was indubitably a stout platform.

    For indubitably the much-married may plume themselves upon being also the widely sought.

    This interpretation is indubitably close to ours, though not to be confused with it.

    Yet even a petty supremacy awes the petty, and the sly Welsh girl was indubitably awed.

    Yet in their racial and national relationships they are indubitably American.

    We very frequently came to water, which indubitably had its source in the snow melting on the peaks.

    Indubitably, it would be more likely that a jury would convict Perry.

Word Origin & History of - indubitably

    Word Origin & History

    indubitable 1625, from L. indubitabilis "that cannot be doubted," from in- "not" + dubitabilis "doubtful," from dubitare "hesitate, doubt" (see doubt).

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