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The Synonym of - indenture (verb)

Word Example of - indenture

    Example Sentences for indenture

    The engraver has omitted the indenture upon the fess, which, however, appears upon the shield.

    I have broken my indenture, and I think of running the country.'

    The statute explicitly included ladies and any writing, oath, or promise as well as indenture.

    And in our own country every white apprentice is, in his indenture, called a servant.

    The emigrants who had no capital were usually indented servants, the terms of indenture varying from two to seven years.

    One part of the indenture was retained by the Master, the other part by the Deans.

    Runnaways shall double the time of service absent at the end of their time of indenture.

    Thereupon he canceled the indenture of apprenticeship, and the newspaper was thereafter published by Benjamin Franklin.

    His father secured an apprentice, and probably had drawn up for him a like form of indenture.

    It further declared that any voluntary contract of service or indenture should not be binding longer than nine years.

Word Origin & History of - indenture

    Word Origin & History

    indenture "contract for services," c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. endenture, from O.Fr. endenteure "indentation," from endenter (see indent). Such contracts (especially between master craftsmen and apprentices) were written in full identical versions on a sheet of parchment, which was then cut apart in a zigzag, or "notched" line. Each party took one, and the genuineness of a document of indenture could be proved by juxtaposition with its counterpart.

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