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Word Example of - indefinite

    Example Sentences for indefinite

    Unu is sometimes used when our indefinite article is employed as a numeral.

    It was a distant sound, and its location was indefinite even to a sharp ear.

    Then there came the headlong plunge into the swirling sea, followed by an indefinite period of gasping oblivion.

    I could see for what seemed an indefinite distance in any direction.

    This was indefinite, depending on the measure of a man's strength to carry.

    At first the number of the Muses was indefinite, and they had no names.

    In the one it turns longingly back toward the past, and in the other it tends restlessly forward into the indefinite future.

    My notions of our mutual obligations were very vague and indefinite.

    They start from some indefinite point, are irregular in outline and end as indefinitely.

    Self-distrust, vague and indefinite, touched him unaccountably.

Word Origin & History of - indefinite

    Word Origin & History

    indefinite 1530, from L. indefinitus, from in- "not" + definitus (see define).

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