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Word Example of - imposture

    Example Sentences for imposture

    No, not inevitably; I will even venture to say that imposture is unlikely.

    Do you mean to say all our sympathy was wasted and your fit an imposture?

    After they were married, Marf confesses to his wife the imposture he has practised on them.

    In 1888 Margaret made a confession of imposture which she later retracted.

    The pretended forgery on Clarendon was nothing but a gross imposture.

    They were but human beings, food for imposture, and preyed on by deceivers.

    The people had discovered the imposture, though not until they were reduced to the most frightful condition of starvation.

    They tried him, formally if perfunctorily; he admitted his imposture, and begged for his life.

    M. Reinack denies the suave suggestion that he was at the bottom of this imposture.

    His fear and reverence for the former now forbade the notion of so poor an imposture.

Word Origin & History of - imposture

    Word Origin & History of - imposture

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