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The Synonym of - iambus (noun)

Word Example of - iambus

    Example Sentences for iambus

    The foot consisting of an unaccented followed by an accented syllable is called an iambus.

    As has already been said, the iambus is the common foot of English verse.

    Antispast, an′ti-spast, n. in metre, a foot composed of an iambus and a trochee.

    The second pda of this stanza is wanting an iambus in its middle part.

    His imagination is too bold to be confined by the petty limits of trochee or iambus.

    In place of the Iambus, a Tribrach ( ) may stand in any foot but the last.

    This may occur when the accent is upon the last syllable of the foot; that is, when the foot is an iambus or an anapest.

    In the iambic and trochaic metres other feet are often substituted for the iambus and the trochee, but without change of rhythm.

    "Home," by Margaret Mahon, is a poem in that rather popular modern measure which seems to waver betwixt the iambus and anapaest.

    But others say that Torrhebus first used that mode, as Dionysius the Iambus relates.'

Word Origin & History of - iambus

    Word Origin & History of - iambus

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