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Word Example of - hug

    Example Sentences for hug

    Added to this it was raw and cold, which had the effect of causing the inhabitants of the big kraal to hug their firesides.

    But the mothers will hug their boys as soon as they get hold of them.

    He's gone up to his room, I'm sure—I'll just surprise him with a hug and my hands over his eyes like we used to do years ago.

    I tried to hug Susan D. the other day, and I might as well have hugged the door!

    It belongs not to the blessed season and genius of youth, to hug to its heart useless and unavailing griefs.

    For answer the elder girl crossed the room and gave her a hug.

    He ask me to marry him—he kees me—he hug me—he lift me on ze horse—he ride with me all night—he marry me.

    The fleshy girl tried to hug both the chums from Cheslow at once.

    And she too sat down upon the ground to hug her sorrow with the rest.

    I am going to Memphis to see them soon, and they will hug and kiss me.

Word Origin & History of - hug

    Word Origin & History

    hug 1567, hugge "to embrace," perhaps from O.N. hugga "to comfort," from hugr "courage, mood," from P.Gmc. *hugjan, related to O.E. hycgan "to think, consider," Goth. hugs "mind, soul, thought." Other have noted the similarity in some senses to Ger. hegen "to foster, cherish," originally "to enclose with a hedge." The noun was originally (1617) a hold in wrestling.

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