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Word Example of - hew

    Example Sentences for hew

    He treats humanity as though it were the marble out of which the political artist should hew the form that pleased his fancy best.

    I guess I can wait till they've begun to hew out their underpinnin'.

    So neere the life in beautie, forme and hew,As if dead Art 'gainst Nature had conspir'd.

    The astounded brothers were dragged away to hack and hew and carry.

    But Meleagant does not wish to stop, and continues to strike and hew at him.

    The knives of his warriors will hew the living flesh from your bones.

    Yet men turn their ploughshares into swords, and hew living flesh with their axes.

    "Hew down the tree instantly, knaves," he added to the woodmen.

    It was not Jefferson's way, indeed, to announce his intentions boldly and hew his way relentlessly to his objective.

    This time they were taking the field to hew down men of his own blood.

Word Origin & History of - hew

    Word Origin & History

    hew O.E. heawan "to chop, hack, gash" (class VII strong verb; past tense heow, pp. heawen), earlier geheawan, from P.Gmc. *khawwanan (cf. O.N. hoggva, Du. houwen, Ger. hauen "to cut, strike, hew"), from PIE base *qau- "to strike, beat" (cf. O.C.S. kovo, Lith. kauju "to beat, forge;" L. cudere "to strike, beat;" M.Ir. cuad "beat, fight"). Weak pp. hewede appeared 14c. Seemingly contradictory sense of "hold fast, stick to" (in phrase hew to) developed from hew to the line "stick to a course," lit. "cut evenly with an axe or saw," first recorded 1891.

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