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The Synonym of - hesitating (adjective)

Word Example of - hesitating

    Example Sentences for hesitating

    Mrs. Panfillen went towards her with slow, hesitating steps.

    I saw that he was hesitating, for I knew that he really liked me.

    Well,” said Prigg, hesitating, “I may even go so far as to say that.

    "I fear it will look very strange," replied Maurice, hesitating.

    Apparently he wanted to say something to him, but was hesitating.

    "I don't understand how you happened to be on that schooner—as—as you were," she said, hesitating.

    Thus the novel fires many a sanctimoniousness, makes lurid many a hesitating life.

    But while the other Colonies were hesitating, a voice was heard in Virginia.

    He had seen John begin to put out his hand in a hesitating reluctant way.

    "I have a great trial to go through," was the hesitating answer.

Word Origin & History of - hesitating

    Word Origin & History

    hesitate 1620s, from L. haesitatum, pp. of haesitare (see hesitation).

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