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Word Example of - hearing

    Example Sentences for hearing

    On hearing this, I mentally advanced my portion to seventy-five per cent.

    This was to take place after the hearing at Cabillo was finished.

    On whom one can rely for a hearing and for intelligent appreciation, Miss Selford.

    It was insane of him to go to the Hearing, but he would do it.

    And all the while, till Henriques was out of hearing, he cursed me with a noble gift of tongues.

    They laughed at her; but the Prince, hearing of her wish, sent for her.

    Arnold listened as if he were hearing the price of codfish and hams.

    Hearing is one of the senses, and all the senses are fallible.

    I still lingered, hearing the doctor's footsteps ascending the stairs.

    But those which cause my disquiet I am willing to have remote from your hearing.

Word Origin & History of - hearing

    Word Origin & History of - hearing

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