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Word Example of - half-hearted

    Example Sentences for half-hearted

    Half-hearted England failed because treachery was lurking in her ranks from the beginning.

    At any rate, I got only a half-hearted consent from her that I might start.

    The threats of the military authorities only stirred them to half-hearted efforts.

    It was a half-hearted procedure without a shade of desire on her part.

    But either the burghers were half-hearted or there was no real intention to make a stand.

    I feel sure you are glad about Bursa, but your congratulations are too half-hearted.

    Even his protest was half-hearted, lacked honest indignation.

    Arthur laughed; a short, half-hearted laugh which ended in a sigh.

    It would have been a useless waste of lives, for no good could have come of such a half-hearted effort.

    Had he stopped there her belief would have only been half-hearted.

Word Origin & History of - half-hearted

    Word Origin & History of - half-hearted

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