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The Synonym of - habitus (noun)

Word Example of - habitus

    Example Sentences for habitus

    The habitus of the Luxembourg only regretted that the conversation did not oftener turn upon love.

    The friend who opened the door of the club to me presented me to several of its habitus.

    Vane, who had been one of the habitus of her father's house, admired her sweet devotion to the crotchety old man.

    Four out of the six habitus of this meeting place were already seated.

    Physical strength seems more in demand among the habitus of that section than a graceful form or a pretty face.

    It was a great success with the habitus of Number Five study.

    Leroy Beaulieu recently related the following incident of his encounter with one of the habitus of these political institutions.

    "Yet some of our habitus have found their way later to your consulting-room," she reminded him.

    The professors followed with the habitus of the house, the literary men whom we met at the soiree.

    He was followed by half a dozen others who might have been habitus of the place.

Word Origin & History of - habitus

    Word Origin & History of - habitus

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