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Word Example of - habitude

    Example Sentences for habitude

    Slightly exotic vocabulary—“habitude” “repartition,” for “habit,” “distribution”—makes its appearance.

    Mrs. Maxim, according to the habitude of her sex, led in the conversation.

    I have the habitude of the languages; they count me an expert.

    He was vain of his experiments in profligacy, but they never grew to habitude.

    With one further evil effect, perhaps the worst, of the habitude of ceaseless parental giving, I have dealt elsewhere.

    He steeped himself in this bath of habitude, to which artificial regrets insinuated a tonic quality.

    The material they had to work upon was already democratical by instinct and habitude.

    To Mrs. Luttrell society was a necessity, as a thing becomes after a lifetime of habitude.

    There are saints of every trade, occupation, habitude, and condition to be imitated.

    What had formerly been habitude and trifling, was now grown seriousness and inclination.

Word Origin & History of - habitude

    Word Origin & History of - habitude

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