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Word Example of - habituation

    Example Sentences for habituation

    The most important aspects of habituation may be summed up in the one word efficiency.

    The overcoming of this resistance is a phenomenon of habituation.

    Habituation to a rough, quick-action life had taught the Tyro to keep his wits, his temper, and his speech.

    It introduces the conceptions of fatigue, practice, and habituation.

    Now that we have shown the results of habituation let us consider additional illustrations.

    (I use the word "training" in the double sense of habituation and enlightenment).

    It was only by practice and habituation that men could become either virtuous or wise.

    The operations in arithmetic illustrate most of the results of habituation.

    The home is the first place for life's habituation to service.

    Galen remarks upon the immediate activity of animal instinct prior to example or habituation.

Word Origin & History of - habituation

    Word Origin & History of - habituation

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