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Word Example of - habituate

    Example Sentences for habituate

    The Queen pretended to despise this, but inwardly raged (as people saw), she could not habituate herself to it.

    These occupations render them robust, and habituate them to fatigue.

    Neither did waiting seem to habituate her vision to the lack of light.

    He wished, so he wrote, to habituate me to habits of good order and economy, and keep me from the commission of follies.

    They are inured to labour, and to which they habituate their horses, allowing them refreshment but once in twenty-four hours.

    I felt that all my philosophy was needed, to reconcile and habituate myself to my altered circumstances.

    Mrs. Shortman pursed her lips; she found it impossible to habituate herself to Gregory's habit of joking.

    To resign oneself, to habituate oneself to the course of the world which passes so changingly.

    In order, however, to habituate them to a passive obedience, an ostensible purpose had to be held out.

    Shall we arm citizens against citizens, and habituate them to shed kindred blood?

Word Origin & History of - habituate

    Word Origin & History of - habituate

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