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Word Example of - habitually

    Example Sentences for habitually

    It is not the much that you say you believe that shapes your character; it is the little that you habitually realise.

    Therefore I habitually think of things as coloured and resonant.

    If I thought this could really cost one habitually discreet as you an effort, Anna?

    The life which he habitually and continually led was the life of the imagination.

    This lady is habitually authoritative to all, but to her poor husband she is despotic.

    At no time or in any place have they been so to the same extent, nor so habitually.

    As you say, I suppose he could not help it; but it must be terrible, when passions that are habitually restrained do break loose.

    Mrs. James, habitually doleful, punctuated her speech with sniffs.

    George Eliot's career has been habitually described as uniform and uneventful.

    The King was habitually melancholy, and liked everything which recalled the idea of death, in spite of the strongest fears of it.

Word Origin & History of - habitually

    Word Origin & History of - habitually

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