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Word Example of - habitual

    Example Sentences for habitual

    It is the habitual boarder of the boletes, agarics, lactarii and russulie.

    This habitual preference for a duty is the virtue corresponding to it.

    It is an habitual way of reacting to a definite and typical situation.

    Habitans and citizens bowed to him out of habitual respect for their superiors.

    The habitual improvidence of the poor is aggravated in their case by the dangerous fluctuation of their trade.

    This tendency is beyond my control; it is involuntary, habitual, instinctive.

    Such emergency measures are very different from the habitual use of insulting drugs.

    There was not an iota of stinginess in his habitual economy.

    He began to pace the room with his habitual restlessness when in solitary thought—often stopping—often sighing heavily.

    Most ludicrous of all, to me, is his habitual claim that the ranch is paying.

Word Origin & History of - habitual

    Word Origin & History of - habitual

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