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Word Example of - habits

    Example Sentences for habits

    They resemble the squirrel in appearance as well as in some of their habits.

    There is a theory in the Hall that you can tell a man's habits by the rooms he occupies there.

    When a physician finds this to be the case, then the patient's habits must be reformed.

    When they were landed they were ignorant savages, wild in appearance and habits.

    His Puritan habits had been, in fact, very curious to the parents.

    Its habits are not known, other than that it is found in the nests of its host.

    Some not ungentlemanly malady, not hereditary, not incurable, not requiring any obvious change in habits of life.

    The ninth book describes the habits and instincts of animals.

    Knowing the ground, and the habits of the waterfowl, Bones quickly placed his two friends.

    He is not parsimonious, but his instincts and habits have been prudent.

Word Origin & History of - habits

    Word Origin & History

    habit early 13c., from O.Fr. habit, from L. habitus "condition, demeanor, appearance, dress," originally pp. of habere "to have, to hold, possess," from PIE base *ghabh- "to seize, take, hold, have, give, receive" (cf. Skt. gabhasti- "hand, forearm;" O.Ir. gaibim "I take, hold, I have," gabal "act of taking;" Lith. gabana "armful," gabenti "to remove;" Goth. gabei "riches;" O.E. giefan, O.N. gefa "to give"). Base sense probably "to hold," which can be either in offering or in taking. Applied in Latin to both inner and outer states of being, and taken over in both sense by English, though meaning ...of "dress" is now restricted to monks and nuns. Drug sense is from 1887. Habitual first attested 1520s.

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