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Word Example of - habited

    Example Sentences for habited

    On a royal throne, and habited in royal state, there sat Radpot himself, Rathgeb standing respectfully by his side.

    But,” questioned Kearney, “may I ask why you are habited as I now see you?

    The chief interest attaching to them is that they are habited and seated after the fashion of Humanists.

    No rescue came, and he was led, yet habited in his armour, to the block.

    He was habited in an Italian costume; his hair hung in ringlets, and mustachios embellished his lip.

    Ernst too was habited in a richer dress than he had ever before worn.

    Madame ——, on the other hand, was taken home to her own house after she had habited herself.

    An entire corner of this charming spot was in habited by bees.

    By it the priest is a person set apart, hedged about by the laws, held in peculiar reverence, habited in special garments.

    This is devoid of all reference to persons and habited places.

Word Origin & History of - habited

    Word Origin & History

    habit early 13c., from O.Fr. habit, from L. habitus "condition, demeanor, appearance, dress," originally pp. of habere "to have, to hold, possess," from PIE base *ghabh- "to seize, take, hold, have, give, receive" (cf. Skt. gabhasti- "hand, forearm;" O.Ir. gaibim "I take, hold, I have," gabal "act of taking;" Lith. gabana "armful," gabenti "to remove;" Goth. gabei "riches;" O.E. giefan, O.N. gefa "to give"). Base sense probably "to hold," which can be either in offering or in taking. Applied in Latin to both inner and outer states of being, and taken over in both sense by English, though meaning ...of "dress" is now restricted to monks and nuns. Drug sense is from 1887. Habitual first attested 1520s.

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