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Word Example of - habitats

    Example Sentences for habitats

    The Coniomycetes consist of two sections, which are based on their habitats.

    Shall we take the remains of our meat and move on toward the habitats of men?

    I enclose a catalogue of habitats: I thought my notes would have turned out of more use.

    Its habitats are the banks of rivers and streams, and in Osier-beds.

    Watson—the fellow who drew so well—made vignettes on the blank pages to lots of the specimens—'Likely Habitats' we called them.

    They should be grown in warm or cool conditions according to their habitats.

    This list of habitats is admittedly not complete for the regions visited, but is intended to include those which we studied.

    I have found it in all the habitats described by Dr. Salisbury.

    But it is a great distance—like the crossing of a vast continent between the habitats of alien races.

    These specimens have come from a variety of habitats from elevations of less than 1,000 meters.

Word Origin & History of - habitats

    Word Origin & History

    habitat 1762, as a technical term in Latin texts on Eng. flora and fauna, lit. "it inhabits," third pers. sing. pres. indic. of habitare "to live, dwell," freq. of habere "to have, to hold, possess" (see habit). General sense of "dwelling place" is first attested 1854. Habitant "Canadian of Fr. descent" (1789) is from Fr. word meaning "inhabitant" (lit. the prp. of habiter "to inhabit, dwell"), and was the usual word for planters in 18c. Quebec.

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