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Word Example of - habitations

    Example Sentences for habitations

    Bearing these principles in mind, let us see what we can learn of their habitations.

    No; I will land you on yonder coast, far from the habitations of men.

    These habitations are as variously placed as the taste of their owners may chance to dictate.

    By this we supposed that their habitations were at no great distance.

    Hast thou not considered those who left their habitations (and they were thousands) for fear of death?

    We could see, however, no natives nor habitations of any sort.

    The habitations of the slaves and their families are distributed throughout the rest of the enclosure.

    Nor is the use of these habitations entirely abandoned at the present time.

    And he wrote a pamphlet, and such as read it took firebrands, and visited the Dissenters in their habitations.

    Country-seats, cottages, habitations of whichever kind, were burnt.

Word Origin & History of - habitations

    Word Origin & History

    habitation late 14c., from O.Fr. habitation "act of dwelling," from L. habitationem (nom. habitatio) "act of dwelling," from habitare (see habitat). Habitable (late 14c.) is from O.Fr. habitable, from L. habitabilis "that is fit to live in," from habitare.

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