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The Synonym of - habitation (noun)

Word Example of - habitation

    Example Sentences for habitation

    The bees did not remain long absent from their habitation; they quieted and returned as before.

    These sage regions are the habitation of a magnificent bird—the Sage Cock.

    One who is always digging dugouts is loath to leave the habitation which has cost him much labor in order to live in the open.

    And He led them forth by the right way, that they might go to the City of Habitation.

    Yet she could not have found a habitation and surroundings more perfectly suited to her wants and the mood she was in.

    There is a method, by which you may provide an habitation for yourself.

    Around it there is no habitation of man—the village and the cotton mart of Barich being far off.

    There were no rugs in the hall, no carpet on the stairs, nor a single sign of habitation.

    Generally they saw by the dull glow of the log that smouldered in every habitation that it was empty.

    Abandon her not until you leave her in the habitation of civilized men.

Word Origin & History of - habitation

    Word Origin & History

    habitation late 14c., from O.Fr. habitation "act of dwelling," from L. habitationem (nom. habitatio) "act of dwelling," from habitare (see habitat). Habitable (late 14c.) is from O.Fr. habitable, from L. habitabilis "that is fit to live in," from habitare.

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