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The Synonym of - habitant (noun)

Word Example of - habitant

    Example Sentences for habitant

    I was in high spirits that evening, for I believed I had found my habitant.

    To London the habitant comes only as a resident, as does a Maltese, or a Canadian.

    The day had been when Augusta Maturity had done her share of paddling and poling, with an habitant guide in the bow.

    He delighted to speak of her as the habitant of a world of joy.

    The short Canadian summer makes that season for the habitant one of severe labour.

    The country driver, a French habitant, reported its presence at the car.

    In the early morning the habitant repaired to the seigneury to assist in erecting the May-pole.

    "Goot mornin', Padre," replied the habitant, pulling his forelock.

    Wallenstein had never been a habitant of the palaces of kings.

    You wanted to know what the wig and the habitant's clothes are for, Berry—well, for me to wear in Manitou.

Word Origin & History of - habitant

    Word Origin & History of - habitant

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