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The Synonym of - habitable (adj)

Word Example of - habitable

    Example Sentences for habitable

    We had reason to rejoice in the child's absence at the time of the thaw, for the nursery was not habitable.

    They number about eighty habitable and twice as many small islands.

    In no part of the habitable world is the force of contrast more to be observed than in Australia.

    Even the habitable world of the ring itself, was denied him.

    Besides, shall we not bear the lords of the habitable earth to be lords over us, and yet bear tyrants of our own country?

    And I dragged her off, when I was dressed, to the dining-room, which was the most habitable room of the house.

    You are as thoroughly removed from the habitable parts of the castle as if you were in the next county.

    They are spoken today over a large part of the habitable globe.

    Some necessary repairs rendered it habitable for our family of little children and ourselves.

    And what an amiable race of people are the Stubbses of this habitable globe!

Word Origin & History of - habitable

    Word Origin & History of - habitable

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