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Word Example of - ha-ha

    Example Sentences for ha-ha

    The ha-ha consists of a trench, the inner side of which is perpendicular and faced with a wall; the outer being sloped and turfed.

    Then a general "ha-ha" rose from the rebel pickets, and good nature was restored.

    Bertie looked up out of the ha-ha and saw the two ladies before him.

    To the right is a rail, and a ha-ha beyond it—to the left a quick fence.

    This was done, and that portion of the wall is called the 'Ha-ha!'

    Look again,” said Yussuf; and he clapped his hands to his mouth and uttered a tremendous “Ha-ha!

    Besides, she well knew the ha-ha the world ever handed a fallen champ or lady who claimed to have been drugged.

    The chatter and laughter of the birds was incessant, and there was something almost weird to Wynifred in the strange "Ha-ha!"

    For some minutes they thus remained, looking down into the ha-ha.

    At last she reached the ha-ha hedge in front of the gate; she broke her nails against the lock in her haste to open it.

Word Origin & History of - ha-ha

    Word Origin & History of - ha-ha

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