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Word Example of - h


    Example Sentences for h

    One of the alae (h) at the time of the eruption was used as a wardrobe.

    This resolves itself into 37, and H is the letter belonging to that figure.

    H ws mid wacum cild-claum bewfed, t he s forgeafe a undeadlican tunecan, e we forluron on s frumsceapenan mannes forggednysse.

    Why, he's the fellow that raised all the money and most of the h—ll for this old man Lascelles.

    Cut another stick (H) an inch through and fifteen inches long, flatten a little on one side.

    What's the matter, Mr. Punch, can't you put in a little 'h' now and then?

    (h) All old Prophecies do intimate a final subversion of the Monarchy in England.

    These prescriptions have now been declared inadmissible by Article 23(h).'

    (h) The handle of your soup spoon becomes hot when the bowl of it is in the hot soup.

    This is a horizontal scale, memorized as H, the initial for both hue and horizontal.

Word Origin & History of - h

    Word Origin & History

    H the pronunciation "aitch" was in O.Fr. (ache), and is from a presumed L.L. *accha (cf. It. effe, elle, emme), with the central sound approximating the value of the letter when it passed from Roman to Germanic, where it at first represented a strong, distinctly aspirated -kh- sound close to that in Scottish loch. In earlier L. the letter was called ha. In Romance languages, the sound became silent in L.L. and was omitted in O.Fr. and It., but it was restored in M.E. spelling in words borrowed from O.Fr., and often later in pronunciation, too. Thus Mod.Eng. has words ultimately from L. with missing ...-h- (e.g. able, from L. habile); with a silent -h- (e.g. heir, hour); with a formerly silent -h- now vocalized (e.g. humble, honor); and even a few with an excrescent -h- fitted in confusion to words that never had one (e.g. hostage, hermit). Relics of the formerly unvoiced -h- persist in pedantic insistence on an historical (object) and in obs. mine host. The use in digraphs (e.g. -sh-, -th-) goes back to the ancient Gk. alphabet, which used it in -ph-, -th-, -kh- until -H- took on the value of a long "e" and the digraphs acquired their own characters. The letter passed into Roman use before this evolution, and thus retained there more of its original Sem. value.

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