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Word Example of - gush

    Example Sentences for gush

    The well of eternal life can gush forth even in a desert waste, and “where sin abounds grace doth much more abound.”

    I scarcely ever put them on without a gush of feeling which is not easily suppressed.

    Shallow pity exuding in salt water leaves not enough behind to gush forth in good deeds.

    She'll go to Glendower with father and Basil, and won't she gush just!

    They were full of tears, ready to gush in one last flood-tide of feeling over a subdued, chastened, but breaking heart.

    What a gush of consolation filled the widow's heart as she pressed him to it!

    A gush of rage and bitterness foreign to his natural temper came over Mr. Dodd.

    I have read it twice, and I hope you won't think I gush when I say it is charming.

    There is no glare and roar of fires; there are no showers of sparks; there is no gush of fiery streams of molten metal.

    I don't see any indications yet but I look for it to come with a gush when we do strike it.

Word Origin & History of - gush

    Word Origin & History

    gush 12c., gosshien "make noises in the stomach," later (c.1400) "rush out suddenly, pour out," probably formed onomatopoeically in Eng. under infl. of O.N. gusa "to gush, spurt," related to geyser. Metaphoric sense of "speak in an effusive manner" first recorded 1873. Gusher "oil well that flows without pumping" is from 1886.

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