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Word Example of - groove

    Example Sentences for groove

    Then his fingers felt a groove and his mind created the image to match it.

    Town life is very distracting, if you once get into the groove.

    The final operation is that of finishing the bore by tool J and cutting a groove in the outside of the hub by the bent tool K.

    The Englishman, on the other hand, is the hardest man to pull out of a groove.

    By inverting the gauge and running the brad head along the bottom of the groove, the depth could be gauged accurately.

    It is also the groove cut in a block for the ropes to reeve through.

    The pods are in pairs, a foot or fifteen inches in length, and contain a groove on their inner sides.

    There was no way but to pick them from their sockets by making a groove in the masonry.

    The instrument is then turned on its pivot and plows a groove in the safe wall each time it revolves.

    This will not be necessary if the groove is the exact depth.

Word Origin & History of - groove

    Word Origin & History

    groove c.1400, from O.N. grod "pit," or M.Du. groeve "furrow, ditch," from P.Gmc. *grobo (cf. O.N. grof "brook, river bed," O.H.G. gruoba "ditch," Goth. groba "pit, cave," O.E. græf "ditch"), related to grave (n.). Sense of "long, narrow channel or furrow" is 1659. Meaning "spiral cut in a phonograph record" is from 1902. Fig. sense of "routine" is from 1842, often depreciatory at first, "a rut." Adj. groovy is 1853 in lit. sense of "of a groove;" 1937 in slang sense of "excellent," from jazz slang phrase in the groove (1932) "performing well (without grandstanding)." As teen slang for "wonderful," dates from 1944; popularized 1960s, out of currency by 1980.

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