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Word Example of - grind

    Example Sentences for grind

    When it is to be used, mix it with twenty times its weight of clean iron filings, and grind the whole in a mortar.

    “And your metallic capacity of grind, my dear old Dubbs,” added Henderson.

    In the winter, I grind a great deal of grain, and get it ready for market in the spring.

    Grain was present, and a windmill was present, but there was no wind to grind the corn.

    By the time you've gone through the mill yourself you'll want to grind everybody else.

    The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.

    “The mills of God grind slowly,” but sooner or later they grind the sinner to powder.

    Be content to treat the poem, if it be not profane to say so, as a “grind.”

    Cook or grind screenings and burn chaff when certain weeds are suspected.

    Does any one of you bring me venison except for profit or grind my meal for love?

Word Origin & History of - grind

    Word Origin & History of - grind

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