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The Synonym of - granted (verb)

Word Example of - granted

    Example Sentences for granted

    But if so, may not the same privilege be granted to the Book of Acts?

    The deed by which it was granted was some years in my custody.

    Neither of us understand just now, but can we take that much for granted?

    For the moment he had the appearance of a person whose every wish had been granted.

    I do not wish to ask for what would assuredly not be granted.

    He was smiling now, and seemed to take it for granted that I should know to whom he referred.

    The request was granted, and the sanctuary removed from Manchester to Chester.

    He wished the privilege to copy it, which brother Joseph granted.

    If these postulata be granted me, who, I pray, can equal my charmer in all these?

    In a deed of the year 679, the language is, "as it is granted so do you hold it and your posterity."

Word Origin & History of - granted

    Word Origin & History

    grant early 13c., "what is agreed to," from Anglo-Fr. graunter, from O.Fr. granter, variant of creanter "to promise, guarantee, confirm, authorize," from L. credentem (nom. credens), prp. of credere "to believe, to trust." The verb is first attested c.1300. To take (something) for granted (1610s) is from the sense of "admitted, acknowledged."

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