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Word Example of - gash

    Example Sentences for gash

    There was a gash on the latter's cheek, and the blood from it dripped on his cuirass.

    Kitty pointed to the gash made in the beech-tree by the broken bough.

    She felt as if Felicia had put a gash across her face and as if he were pitilessly jibing at it.

    You may make yourself as light as any gash balloon,' said Mrs Gamp.

    It was something like a gash within himself, a gash in his courage perhaps, or a gash in the dream of a reconstituted self.

    He could move about now, and the gash in his head had ceased bleeding.

    A gash was cut in his head, and the blood had flowed freely.

    Fred could see blood oozing from a gash in the surgeon's lips.

    The king staunched the blood and bound up the gash with his scarf.

    Across the face, like a gash, the toothless, grinning mouth.

Word Origin & History of - gash

    Word Origin & History

    gash 1540s, from M.E. garce (early 13c.), from O.N.Fr. garser "to scarify, cut, slash," apparently from V.L. *charassare, from Gk. kharassein "engrave." Loss of -r- is characteristic (see bass, bust, etc.). Slang use for "vulva" dates to mid-1700s.

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