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Word Example of - gaff

    Example Sentences for gaff

    Then blocks began to rattle, and when the gaff was up the sail flapped in the wind.

    The keen eyes, were dancing now—the big fish had fairly got the gaff.

    Slowly and carefully the fisher drew the fish towards the shelving bank, where Junkie stood ready with the gaff.

    Next day it's Bach, the second seaman, who begins to feel the gaff.

    When they had hoisted the unconscious Tom to the gaff, Swarth ordered: "Belay, coil up the fall, and go forrard."

    The screw of the net-hoop and of the gaff will suit the same handle.

    So saying, Gaff lifted the latch of the door and stood before his wife and child.

    The projections at the throat-end of a gaff which embrace the mast are termed jaws.

    Had the gaff been a foot longer he would have cleared the chasm.

    A line rove through a block at the jaws of a gaff, used as a down-haul.

Word Origin & History of - gaff

    Word Origin & History

    gaff "iron hook," 1725, gaffe, from Fr. gaffe "boat hook" (see gaffe). Specifically of the hook on a fishing spear from 1650s.

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