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Word Example of - gadgets

    Example Sentences for gadgets

    Mr. Stokowski is inordinately fond of gadgets and fancies himself as quite a technical expert.

    He was running all over the auditorium testing your voice with one of his gadgets.

    Servo-mechanisms, appliances and gadgets of many kinds for the home, office and industry.

    I've got gadgets galore, even though I'm between planets at the moment.

    They listened respectfully to what Porter had to say and then built the gadgets he told them to build.

    It's a little like the jamming, but with music instead of gadgets.

    Scattered here and there in staggering confusion were the machines, the gadgets, the unknown things.

    He lifted a hand for silence: then his fingers leaped among the gadgets on the table.

    With his own hands he unlocked the complicated belt with its gadgets and equipment.

    The closest scrutiny revealed no trace of "gadgets" or of any artifice that had enabled him to thus lift the filled bowl.

Word Origin & History of - gadgets

    Word Origin & History of - gadgets

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