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Word Example of - gadget

    Example Sentences for gadget

    But you kind of figured on lifting that gadget as soon as he gets it back from the D.A., didn't you?

    Meanwhile, I made sure that Howley's gadget had been impounded as evidence.

    With this gadget, neither Lambertson nor I know what impulse the box is going to throw at him.

    "You sold me a gadget I didn't need five years ago," said Chambers.

    But that's what we're going to do—if the Professor's gadget works as he seems to think it will.

    He had an image of the gadget in his mind, and he knew it would work.

    “I want to take another look at that gadget we installed,” he said.

    She had arranged her hair so the gadget was hardly noticeable.

    Everyone's eyes were on the ball as it whirled, so I had time to get my own copy of Howley's gadget out and set it at Thirteen.

    If they only have to turn on a gadget, why did they need to drug Dr. Marks?

Word Origin & History of - gadget

    Word Origin & History of - gadget

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