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Word Example of - gadfly

    Example Sentences for gadfly

    The Gadfly, for his part, had returned to the fortress in a state of nervous excitement bordering on hysteria.

    His efforts can only be compared with those of a gadfly or a mosquito.

    For since I roamed my fill in other continents the gadfly may no longer sting me out of my tranquil haunts.

    "So it's the Gadfly," thought Gemma, looking at him with some curiosity.

    The Gadfly sat smoking and looking silently out at the drizzling rain.

    The Gadfly raised his head from the flowers, and looked at her with a steady face.

    The gadfly was worse now than before, but she did not fear it half so much, for her heart was full of hope.

    The Gadfly was bending down with his hand on the unkempt head.

    When I clutched at its bridle it jerked back its sensitive head as if teased with a gadfly.

    Presently he heard the Gadfly move restlessly two or three times.

Word Origin & History of - gadfly

    Word Origin & History

    gadfly 1620s, "fly which bites cattle," probably from gad "goad, metal rod" (early 13c.), here in the sense of "stinger," from O.N. gaddr "spike, nail," from P.Gmc. *gadaz "pointed stick;" but sense is entangled with gad (v.) and an early meaning of gadfly was also "someone who likes to go about, often stopping here and there." Sense of "one who irritates another" is from 1640s (equivalent of L. oestrus).

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