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The Synonym of - gadabout (noun)

Word Example of - gadabout

    Example Sentences for gadabout

    Fleming gadabout and monk feeder, thou shalt be hanged with them.

    I am not to be stopped on the king's service by every gadabout.

    Two of them were the runaway rooster and the gadabout hen that never wanted to go to bed with the others.

    Not four years since I still had her under me at school, and she was already a gadabout.

    But Gadabout had been deceiving us; she still had no notion of going up the creek.

    Yet why should I after all abuse the gadabout propensities of my countrymen?

    Gadabout lay with her bulkheads closed tight about her forward cockpit, and must have looked most dismal.

    I can tell the toot of the Gadabout if Gabriel was blowing the whistle.

    Our supplies aboard, Gadabout quickly carried us across the river and landed us at Shirley.

    There is nothing to do, boys, except to go back to the Gadabout and get some more.

Word Origin & History of - gadabout

    Word Origin & History

    gadabout 1837, from earlier noun phrase gadder about (1560s); see gad (v.) + about.

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