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Word Example of - gad

    Example Sentences for gad

    But—“By gad, sah,” he said cracking his whip—“By gad I'll do it!”

    And by gad, Dudley, I don't see how he could have come that way!

    I've got a ten-acre orange grove now and two hundred acres of alfalfa and a foreman who lets me gad!

    At this gate will be the Tribe of Gad—that is, a portion of the Scotch, the lowlanders.

    Gad, if old Don Ramond seed her now—it were hard lines for her.

    And Gad, sir, you're making a precedent for this sort of thing!

    "By Gad, I'd like to find the old lady sittin' in the house, waitin' for a chat," he thought.

    Gad I warrant there has been many a Maiden-head got in that Chair.

    Gad,” he said, as he eyed me closely, “how many baths do you take a day?

    Gad, I've told you before of my sister's well meant efforts.

Word Origin & History of - gad

    Word Origin & History

    gad "to rove about," mid-15c., perhaps a back-formation of O.E. gædeling "wandering," or associated with gad (n.) "a goad for driving cattle" (see gadfly). Related: Gadding.

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