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Word Example of - gables

    Example Sentences for gables

    Over the gables the roofs also projected very much:—in the main building about four feet to the east and two to the west.

    There were two rooms and a storage closet upstairs in the gables.

    Gaily painted dragons leaned out from the doors and stood up from the gables.

    The yellow-washed one, with the gables and tiled roofs—there, back on the slope.

    The log house was about 1620, covered with clapboards which were held in place by logs on top with ends protruding at the gables.

    There were two pediments, or gables, of flat pitch, one at each end.

    A pinnacle rises out of the roof in a cruciform shape, and four smaller ones exquisitely sculptured stand between the gables.

    The castles here, with the gingerbread work on the gables, are the guildhalls.

    Moreover, the little schooner which acts as weather-cock on one of the gables, and is now heading due west, has a new top-sail.

    When Alban first came to "Five Gables," his honesty amused her greatly.

Word Origin & History of - gables

    Word Origin & History

    gable mid-14c., from O.Fr. gable, from O.N. gafl (in north of England, directly from O.N.), probably from a P.Gmc. root meaning "fork" (cf. O.E. gafol, geafel "fork," M.H.G. gabel "pitchfork"), from PIE *ghebhel (cf. O.Ir. gabul "forked twig"). So called from the Y-shaped timber supports of the roof at gable ends. Related: Gabled; gables.

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