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Word Example of - gable

    Example Sentences for gable

    There was a gable on one side in which was a circular opening to serve as window, and it was unglazed.

    You will see no gable—there is no such thing on a house of the kind we are describing.

    Clumps of dielytra and day-lilies bloomed behind the paling, and a crooked elm hung romantically over the gable of the house.

    The gable walls of the transepts and the western wall are also Turkish.

    The boughs of the cottonwood, hard as bone, rattled against her gable.

    You'll find him lying in the garret at the west end of the gable—drunk.

    There was a long bough of an elm hanging over one gable just like the forelock.

    Always used of the gable loft, you know, and the wind above the thatch.

    The window of the travellers' chamber looked out from the gable end of the dwelling, and she was now immediately before it.

    The gable showed above the trees, and I pointed it out to him.

Word Origin & History of - gable

    Word Origin & History

    gable mid-14c., from O.Fr. gable, from O.N. gafl (in north of England, directly from O.N.), probably from a P.Gmc. root meaning "fork" (cf. O.E. gafol, geafel "fork," M.H.G. gabel "pitchfork"), from PIE *ghebhel (cf. O.Ir. gabul "forked twig"). So called from the Y-shaped timber supports of the roof at gable ends. Related: Gabled; gables.

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