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Word Example of - gabby

    Example Sentences for gabby

    And Gabby Pete bent low on his horse as a bullet whistled overhead.

    "Goneril says it doesn't do us any good to go to church when we don't want to," said Gabby.

    For Gabby's heartlessness would be a cruel medium through which to communicate the news.

    Then Gabby retired into the hominy and there was a silence if not a peace.

    In the big fireplace they found a wood fire laid by the thoughtful Gabby Pete, ready to be touched off in the morning.

    When she was gone, I wouldn't have been in Gabby's place for a good deal.

    Ah, Jay, that would be nice indeed, only I'm afraid Gabby and the two cousins wouldn't agree to it.

    She couldn't go into the nursery, where Gabby would probably be sent for punishment.

    Gabby, who didn't have any more cheerful recollection of home to-day than he, chimed in a petition to stay.

    Say, there's something about you that makes a person get gabby and tell things.

Word Origin & History of - gabby

    Word Origin & History

    gabby "garrulous, talkative," 1710, originally Scottish, from gab + -y (2).

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