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Word Example of - gabble

    Example Sentences for gabble

    One does not gabble the common-places of life when in the presence of the supreme in art.

    But I don't want you to gabble about where you found me sleeping.'

    They might gabble in a corner to each other and simper and giggle and pretend, but they were ballet-hoppers.

    It must have acted as a fine check, though, on people who just wanted to gabble.

    Presently they began to gabble; in low tones at first, which increased, perhaps unconsciously to themselves, to higher ones.

    And all the time the gabble of the women mocked at the silence of death.

    O thou philosophic Teufelsdrockh, that listenest while others only gabble, and with thy quick tympanum hearest the grass grow!

    What business has you to gabble on so while you are in limbo?

    I meant this time to thoroughly convince Buckhurst of my ability to gabble platitude.

    The confusion of Babel did not surpass the present gabble of a West-India market.

Word Origin & History of - gabble

    Word Origin & History

    gabble 1570s, frequentative of gab (q.v.).

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