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Word Example of - gabbing

    Example Sentences for gabbing

    He stopped, realizing that he was gabbing at a terrific rate.

    I was gaeing alang wi' the yowes, and there was he and Drummielaw riding and gabbing.

    I have a theory that more men are lost to themselves and the age by a love of "gabbing" than by drinking.

    "We can't spend time in gabbing here," came nervously from Bowsprit.

    I s'pose Mrs. Bainbridge has got a gabbing streak on and will keep her there the rest of the day listening to her.

    Tenderly they carried the gabbing creature down to the timber and laid him on a bed of boughs.

Word Origin & History of - gabbing

    Word Origin & History

    gab c.1200, via Scottish and northern England dialect, from O.N. gabba "to mock," or O.Fr. gabber "mock, boast," both probably ultimately imitative. Gabby first attested 1719; gabfest "session of conversation" is 1897 Amer.Eng. slang. Gift of the gab "talent for speaking" is from 1680s.

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